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My relationship with school uniform hasn’t ever been a good one. It’s either left at school, lost, ruined or just plain out grown. It is constantly a topic of conversation in our house as it baffles me to no end how an 8 year old child can own 4 cardigans and yet go to school 3 days a week without one on!

In my opinion, to make up for the amount of stress maintaining uniform creates, buying uniform should be made as easy as possible, and that’s where we come in.

As parents ourselves we understand what a pain in the rear uniform shopping can be and so we are happy to help with any enquiries you have from polo shirts to P.E kits and everywhere in between. We are a Retford High Street store and have many items on display in a variety of sizes so your child can try different items on and you can order them with full confidence of a good fit.

Can’t get to us? Not a problem, we are more than happy to send a member of our team out to your school on parents evenings or school fayres so you can have a look at the different items on offer and place an order right there!

As we embroider everything here ourselves if you find yourself, as I regularly do, having to replace certain items, we are just a phone call, email or Facebook message away.

And to top it all off, we provide every school with a FREE online shop so once you know what sizes you need you can just go online and place an order and we will deliver your order to your school for collection for free!

So, while I can’t promise cardigans, sweaters, P.E Kits or shoes won’t get lost somewhere along the way, I can promise you great quality, hassle free uniform and great quality service.

embroidered school uniform embroidered school uniform embroidered school uniform

B46’s In- house Embroidery for fast turn around and excellent quality service in our Retford High Street Store.

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